Precision Cooking

Precision Cooking

The precise temperatures below are useful for owners of precision induction technology, such as the Polyscience Breville Control Freak (recommended), the Hestan Cue (untested), and the Tasty One Top (not recommended).

If you spot an error in the database or would like to contribute a temperature/time, be sure to use the comment form at the bottom of the page. 

Food Temp NOTES
Tea: Green teabag  Precision Cooking teabag 176°F/80°C Steep for:
Mild: 2 minutes
Medium: 3 minutes
Strong: 4 minutes
Butter (Browned) Butter Smoke Point  Precision Cooking 6 266°F
Garlic (Sweated) Garlic  Precision Cooking 1 3 230°F
Pancakes 2455 - Pancakes  Precision Cooking 2455 Pancakes 332°F 2 minutes per side.
Tea:Black teabag  Precision Cooking teabag 212°F/100°C Steep for:
Mild: 1 minute
Medium: 2 minutes
Strong: 3 minutes
Tea:White teabag  Precision Cooking teabag 185°F/85°C Steep for:
Mild: 2 minutes
Medium: 3 minutes
Strong: 4 minutes
Tea: Oolong teabag  Precision Cooking teabag 194°F/90°C Steep for:
Mild: 2 minutes
Medium: 3 minutes
Strong: 4 minutes
Tea: Herbal teabag  Precision Cooking teabag 203°F/95°C Steep for:
Mild: 3 minutes
Medium: 4 minutes
Strong: 5 minutes
Eggs (Fried) 3  Precision Cooking 3 1 248°F
Chocolate: Dark (Melt) Chocolate bar  Precision Cooking 8 2 131°F
Chocolate: Dark (Temper) Chocolate bar  Precision Cooking 8 2 90°F
Chocolate: Milk (Melt) Chocolate bar  Precision Cooking 8 2 122°F
Chocolate: Milk (Temper) Chocolate bar  Precision Cooking 8 2 88°F
Chocolate: White (Melt) Chocolate bar  Precision Cooking 8 2 113°F
Chocolate: White (Temper) Chocolate bar  Precision Cooking 8 2 86°F
Garlic (Browned) Garlic  Precision Cooking 1 3 248°F
Spices (Toasted) spices2  Precision Cooking spices2 248°F-302°F
Nuts (Toasted) nuts  Precision Cooking nuts 320°F
Butter (Clarified) Butter Smoke Point  Precision Cooking 6 240°F 20 minutes
Onions (Caramelized) Onion  Precision Cooking 3 3 275°F
Egg (Poached) 3  Precision Cooking 3 1 183°F 5 minutes
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Brown Bread  Precision Cooking brown bread 3 375°F
Potatoes (Deep Fried) Potato  Precision Cooking 5 5 338–374°F
Beef, Post Sous Vide (Sear) 2  Precision Cooking 2 450°F After reaching desired temperature via sous vide, sear for 1–2 minutes at 450°F per side
Scallops (Stir Fry) scallop  Precision Cooking scallop 425°F
Shrimp (Stir Fry) shrimp  Precision Cooking shrimp 425°F
Chicken, Cubed/Small Pieces (Stir Fry) 1  Precision Cooking 1 1 425°F
Custard: Ice Cream Ice Cream  Precision Cooking 2452 Ice cream 180°F to 185°F Will curdle beyond 185°F. The higher the temperature below this point, the thicker the ice cream.
Custard: Crème Anglaise Dairy Product  Precision Cooking 3 175°F to 180°F

Different quality of oils may perform differently. These smoke points are only given as a general guideline. Do not heat cooking oil unattended

Fat Type Smoke Point
Butter 350°F
Canola Oil 400°F
Coconut Oil (Refined) 449°F
Rice Bran Oil 489°F
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 375°F
Vegetable Oil 425°F
Butter (Clarified)/Ghee 485°F
Coconut Oil (Unrefined) 350°F
Corn Oil 445°F
Duck Fat 375°F
Grapeseed Oil 390°F
Peanut Oil 445°F
Safflower Oil 465°F

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9 thoughts on “Precision Cooking”

  1. These may or may not be of interest:
    Clarified butter @240F for 20 minutes
    Caramelized onions @275
    Poached eggs @183F for 5 minutes
    Grilled cheese sandwiches @375 F
    Strip loin steak: SV @133F ( or desired temp) for 1 12 hours, set cast iron pan on CF temperature 450F. When hot add oil, sear well dried steak for 1 to 112 minutes total

    I have used the CF a few times now for SV applications but only for short cooks as there is no water circulation. For longer cooks I use either my Anova or my Polyscience Professional.

  2. Sizzle and Sear

    Thank you Elsie for your contribution. I will be sure to add it to the table during the next update.

    1. Sizzle and Sear

      The table has been updated. Thank you for your contributions.

      I will add a Sous Vide table for easy reference soon. I’ve actually found myself doing less Sous Vide since getting the Control Freak, but it’s a great tool to both SV and to sear on 🙂

  3. Thank you both for making this list and updating it! It’s making me really want a control freak asap, just trying to see if I can find a good deal first!

  4. hey — does anyone have the temperature for sweating onions without browning them? And in your experience, what was the length of time required to sweat? e.g., 5 min or 30 min etc.?

    1. Sizzle and Sear

      I always sweat onions at the temp I have programmed in for sweating garlic — 230f. Usually just for 5–10 minutes. I haven’t had it brown on my yet.

  5. Laura Conover

    Thank you so much for this resource. I’ve been saving up for a Control Freak for a while, and I finally own the darn thing. It was worth waiting for, too! A lot of the things I regularly do wrong as a clumsy home cook this is already fixing for me — I have never before been able to do eggs so consistently well as I can now. I’m super‐psyched about using it to temper chocolate, since that was something I never mastered the temperature control aspect of before.

    One thing, though, I’m a little bothered by is the awkward UI for putting in the recipes and editing them. I realize that this may be partially intentional to keep restaurant data from being easily swiped, but, I’d really prefer to be able to tweak and edit complex programs on my PC where I can type properly. The USB file that the Control Freak outputs (CMC850.FA1) appears to be in some form of encoding — not necessarily encryption, because a few of my editors were able cherry‐pick English words out of it.

    Does anyone have any insight into how you might be able to edit the file outside of the Control Freak’s dial? I’ll be reaching out to Breville/Polyscience with this question, but I suspect it falls into the category of proprietary so they may choose not to share the information. I suspect that it’s probably some bog standard heat controller datafile format under the hood, but I have no experience with those kinds of electronics. (And I have no intention of tearing my beautiful Control Freak into pieces to find out what the interior components are!)

    I may just experiment with seeing if I can plug in a real USB keyboard to the Control Freak, as well, because I cannot imagine that their in‐house testers are using that dial 100% of the time.

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